Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2019
Affordable Art Fair in Singapore 15-18 Nov 2018
Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2018
SUMMER SHOW - Gallery collective work by Group Artist from 1 March to 30 May 2016
Cardinal point of love by Christian Pendelio, 1-7 March 2016, Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong Hotel
Serene windows in Paris 15 Mar to 14 July 2016
"The way in which the paint" by Rafael de la Rica and Cardona
Asphalt, Almost Hypnotic by Marti Bofarull
SPRING SHOW - GROUP SHOW by LAM Tian Xing and Chui Tse Hung
Affordable Art Fair HONG KONG, May 2018
Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, 21-23 May 2015, HKCEC
Affordable Art Fair Singapore, 20-23 Nov 2014
Asia Hotel Art Fair in Marco Polo HK Hotel 28/02 to 02/03 2014
Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, 21-23 March 2014
Art Sapporo 22-24 Nov 2013 - Cross Hotel Sapporo, Japan
Asia Contemporary Arts Fair 3-6 Oct 2013, Rm Booth 2805, JW Marriott Hotel
The day I met Janelle by Joan Longas, 1st Aug to 30 Oct 2013
The Beauty of Paris Shopping by Richard Ewen 1 Jun to 31 July 2013
Contemporary Art Show- HK, May 23rd – 26th, 2013 JW Marriott Hotel, Room 2810
Affordable Art Fair Singapore event photo snap short, 20-23 Nov 2014
Art Sapporo 2013
Opening Reception of 'Stillness' by Italian hyperrealists, 29 June 2012
Opening Reception of 'From a Female Eye' by Malena Mazza, 15 June 2012
Opening Cocktail of 'Photography by a Paintbrush', 21 May 2012
Cocoktail Party of 'Through the Art Museum' by Didier Lourenco (Spain), 10 May 2012
Opening Reception of 'Joyous Lotus' by Lam Tian Xing, 2 May 2012
Opening Ceremony of 'The Light in the Garden' by Joon-yeop Jeon, 2 April 2012
Christmas and Opening Cocktail of 'Colors of Love' at Gallery by the Harbour, 21 Decemebr 2011
Private View of 'Living for the Moment' by McAlpine Miller, November 2011
Showcase Interiors
“Photography by a Paintbrush”in Gallery by the Harbour 30/08 to 16/09 2013
Interior photo of The Michelangelo Effect 3-15 September 2012
Interior photos of Stillness by Italian Hyperrealist Painters, June 2012
Interior photos of From a Female Eye by Malena Mazza, June 2012
Photography by a Paintbrush, May 2012
Through the Art Museum by Didier Lourenco, May 2012
Joyous Lotus by Lam Tian Xing in Seoul, Korea, May 2012
Interior photos of The Light in the Garden by Joon-yeop Jeon, April 2012
A Metropolitan Perspective by Spanish Artists Group, March 2012
Interior photos of Windows in Paris by Richard Ewen, February 2012
Artist at Work
Marti Bofarull recent exhibition in Paris with celebration
RICHARD EWEN - professional watercolor painter at work
Emil in Chengdu
Reflection - Emil Herker Exhibition at Gallery by the Harbour, April 2008
Art Appreciation Workshop for Blind by Furrah Syed
Coplu Live Performance at Festival Walk 6th Feb 2009
Sunlight of Expression by Colombian Artists Group
Christian at work in Britanny, France
Jasmin Zara at work in Noosa, Queensland, Australia
Heidi Hahn (Germany)