Walking the streets of Paris with a camera and fortified with a croissant or two and a cafe au lait, Richard Ewen takes photographs of the magnificent store window displays and the reflections on the glass surfaces of the street life outside. Indoors Ewen takes random pictures of food and drink on cafe and restaurant tables. In his studio from these captured moments he creates paintings in watercolor and oil that reveal the hidden details of life in Paris that many people experience but few notice. The paintings are colorful and complex and reflect the many facets of city life in Paris. 

The below is a recent artist statement about his watercolor painting:

I have had many conversations with buyers regarding whether they want to invest in an oil or a watercolor. Some of my description below may help you explain my process to your clients.

Watercolor is a much more personal statement of the artist. It is portable and can be applied and dries quickly. Therefore a subject can be captured anywhere. It can be a quick sketch of an idea or an extensive detailed painting. The medium features a unique joining of paint to paper that has been stretched wet on a board and dried flat in preparation to apply the paint. The transparent watercolor goes into the paper and after an overnight drying time, becomes a permanent part of the paper. Another color can be placed on top of this dried color and since it is transparent will show the old color, the new color, and a blending of the two. In this way rich, vibrant colors are built up on the paper surface. The paper I use is hand made in France with 100% rag ( cotton ) content and sized slightly with a talc-like material that allows the paint to be applied to the paper so that it does not run uncontrolled or blot.

The quality of the applied paint to create layers and show the reflections from the window glass in the store window as well as the contents inside the glass window cannot be painted in the same way with oils.The whites and brightness of the colors is a result of the whiteness of the paper showing through the transparent watercolors. I use Windsor Newton ( English ) watercolors.

Many famous artists are known for their watercolor paintings and command high prices: Edward Hopper, John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Albrecht Durer, Paul Klee, Georgia O'Keefe, J.W. Turner, James McNeil Whistler, to name a few.

Watercolor paintings can last as long as an oil painting. Both kinds of paintings must be framed, protected from direct sunlight and moisture. All art works must be so protected.

Thank you for your understanding and appreciation of my art. I want the painting to find homes where they will be appreciated. I like to think of my work as very unusual and complex and feel as though every new owner will have many years to look at and enjoy my efforts