Rafael de la Rica was born in 1980 in Mahon, Menorca, the easternmost island of Spain. Since his childhood he has been involved in art and studying in various schools on their island. In Barcelona he developed his technical delicate Llotja school. After finishing his studies he moved to Menorca which is dedicated to teaching and painting long hours. "No matter the model paint, but the way in which the paint" he says.

For him painting is a life experience that can develop due to the calm of Menorca. He is interested mainly still lifes, portraits and figure, but from time to time usually paint a landscape. Rafael de la Rica is regarded himself as a painter of old but with a current view.

Rafael de la Rica has been a finalist and winner of several national and international competitions and his work is exhibited in several galleries Spanish and Dutch. His work is distributed between Spain, Italy, UK, Denmark, USA, Germany, Finland, Japan, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Canada, France and Holland.