"Because of the complexity of my paintings, I work primarily from photographs. Using watercolor techniques with acrylic paint requires planning and layering of colors to achieve the desired end. I wander the streets in Paris looking for interesting window displays. These thought provoking displays I treat as a traditional still life subject. A still life is intimate, like a string quartet in music. Reflected in the picture plane of the store window is the bustling street scene of the city. In contrast to the still life-string quartet this represents an orchestra. Combining these elements into the finished painting makes a complex narrative of the city representing a view of daily life in the late 20th and early 21st century Paris.. 

The window photographs are taken at random, at different times of the day and again at different times of the year. The objects both inside the window and those reflected outside the window are in a constant flux. Many times strange and interesting objects come together to produce an interesting mirror of urban life." says Richard Ewen