Christian Pendelio (France)
I was born in 1967 in Toulouse, France, of Britannic parents. Married and have three children. I have the taste of the comic strip which was my first vocation but also that the painting, notably the surrealists, what doubtless conditioned my current expression. Self-taught, I explained and sold my works (classic watercolors) relatively young and learn simply by the practice. I had the luck to make rap.

I see at present my paintings as sorts of scenes, where the characters are inseparable of their environment, the reality getting involved besides in their dreams in an abounding universe. So, mix rather logically angels who are fishermen, girls who are gardens of hopes, cats getting fishes-ties, musicians of stars or flying fishes...

The whole in a « common bestiary » where animals are often chargers of the men. I like composing in a allegorical way, by associations of ideas and forms and making an ode for the whim of the imagination, in a vein often quite at the same moment dreamlike and salty... Or sweetened, it depends.

I also approach floral themes, a little erotic bit when I make for example the comparison of the women with gardens which the men butterflies are then going to gather.

Christian Pendelio showed in the first years, his paintings in his studio-gallery in several towns, Guérande, Vannes etc.

His actual studio, open to visitors and customers is located in Auray, Morbihan, France.

His creations have been regularly exhibited in art gallery, in Paris, Strasbourg, Rennes.

Punctually in Bruxelles, Toulouse, Tours and in others places.

His paintings and sculptures are in many privates collections.

The Happening of a last important exhibitions of his paintings, around the idea of « women-garden and butterfly-men » was in Shangri-La Hotel, Hong-Kong. Thanks to all people of this hotel.