McAlpine Miller (Scotland)
Artist statement
"This new series of works celebrates the culmination of ideas based upon the last 20 years. These paintings concentrate and focus on the fading of one idea into another with distorted images and abstracted thoughts. Based on the notion that we live in a throw away world each painting both suggests and questions the importance of certain celebrated things. Celebrity, Fame, Money and Greed feature as important issues for each of us. These are depicted as both fading memories and future hopes. The comic imagery signifies the unimportance of these things and helps to suggest that they have been manufactured for a temporary audience. Looking more closely the paintings illustrate a feeling of shallow existence. Surrounded by a myriad of colour, shapes and abstractions our lives are exactly the opposite. The ‘LIVING FOR THE MOMENT’ society, which actively encourages human singularism, seems almost unsustainable. Perhaps a return to truer values is the way forward. Certainly with current consumerism and appetite for fame and success, societies will neither progress nor benefit. Take a look…now take a closer look." McAlpine Miller

Having worked to develop his unique style McAlpine Miller is now concentrating his attentions on an exciting new series of work as premiered at Memories & Futures, Grosvenor Street, Mayfair. 2011 presents McAlpine Miller with two exciting solo exhibitions both in London and Hong Kong. His work continues to develop.
Shortlisted for the Provost Award at Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museums in 1996 his work has continued to attract the attention of galleries and collectors across the world.

Various Solo and Group Exhibitions at own gallery – Art & Escape, Fleet Street
Hay Hill Gallery, London -October
State of the Arts Gallery, Hong Kong - November
Hay Hill Gallery, Cork Street, London
Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London
Cross My Art, Kings Cross, London
Co-founded Art & Escape Ltd
Kings Road Gallery, London
Affordable Art Fair, London
Private sale of 10 works to British collector
Decoratum Gallery, Church Street, London – commissioned and collected over 40 works
Charlotte Street Gallery - Solo Exhibition
Catto Gallery, Hampstead – Group Exhibition
Glasgow Art Fair– self representing;
Dublin Art Fair– self representing;
The Art Group, signed worldwide publishing deal
Catto Gallery, Hampstead – Solo Exhibition;
Glasgow Art Fair – self representing;
Dublin Art Fair – self representing
Paul McCartney 2004 European Tour, commissioned to paint the piano that was used throughout the tour, this included working closely and consulting Paul on a daily basis; Charlotte Street Gallery - Solo Exhibition;
Glasgow Art Fair– self representing;;
Dublin Art Fair– self representing
Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London – Solo Exhibition;
United Entertainment Group Plc, County Hall, South Bank – commissioned various large format paintings for exhibition and a series of prints and other published items; Documentary, Football Hall of Fame, Sky Channel – commissioned to be the sole artist creating sporting works on the project;
Glasgow Art Fair– self representing;;
Dublin Art Fair– self representing;;
New Contemporaries, Business Design Centre, London – self representing;
Catto Gallery, Hampstead – Solo Exhibition;
Set-up a co-operative company based in Camden producing small and large scale works for exhibition in Europe and America
Catto Gallery, Hampstead – Solo Exhibition;
Catto Gallery, Hampstead – Solo Exhibitions;
Duncan Miller Fine Art, Glasgow - Art Fair
Worked on several advertising campaigns including: Reneault, McVities, Virgin, Persil, Bravissimo; BBC, Stage Production about the History of Art - backdrops based on famous images, the Last Supper and various historical notable portraits
BBC Production of Changeling – created scenic backdrop, 8 panels 10ft x 30ft each, used throughout the production;
Gagliardi Gallery, London – Group Show
Kelvingrove Art Galleries & Museums - Shortlisted for Provost Award; Decadence, film by Stephen Berkoff – Triptych of The Alternative Last Supper used as backdrop for the main dining scene.
Connought Brown, London - Group Show;
Duncan Miller, New York – Chigaco Art Fair;
Gagliardi Gallery, London – Group Show & featured works in Contemporary European Art Book
Connought Brown, London - Solo Exhibition;
Duncan Miller, New York – Art Fair
Ruth O’Hara Gallery – New York
Art Bank, Glasgow - Solo Exhibition;
Connought Brown, London – Joint Exhibition
Joint Exhibition – Cannes, France
Art Bank, Glasgow
Trinity Gallery, Alblermarle Street, London - Solo Exhibition;
Poleski Gallery, Lucca - Lived and worked in Italy whilst exhibiting at this gallery
Glasgow School of Art, BA Honours - painting and drawing