LAM Tian Xing (林天行)
Lam Tian Xing was born in Fuzhou in 1963. Devoted, humble and hard-working, he has got public acclaim very soon: since1981, his works have frequently been on display and reported in different parts of the world. Although he was trained both in Chinese ink and western paintings, he has decided to turn more to western color in around 1989.

In 1999, Lam embarked on a journey in Tibet. “Tibet is a place rich in spirituality, happiness and mysteriousness. It’s beauty is just beyond description.” Lam said. In 2002, he revisited Tibet. This time, he took a new route, so as to get new experience, but as well, to “go back to his home country”. The trips to Tibet changed his vision to the world and to nature, which was reflected directly on his artworks: the Tibet paintings. This set of works features Tibet’s spaciousness, dignity and eternity.

Our Gallery was proud to hold Lam Tian Xian’s exhibition called “Tian Xing in Tibet” in June 2004.

The trips to Tibet changed Lam’s vision to the world and to the nature, which was reflected directly on his artworks: the Tibet paintings. Before 1999, his style was comparatively bold with daring strokes, striking and conflicting color combinations. “I was that self-confident, proud, young and energetic artist. But as one grows up, having experienced the vastness of the world and the beauty of silence, there will be a change in vision.” Right, Lam’s recent works show not only passion, but also bear marks of simplicity and calmness, through his careful execution of line drawing, manipulation of brightly colored areas, shadings and his choice of material: gouache, but with no decrease in expressiveness.

Red and gold is frequently applied in his Tibet’s paintings. To Lam, red is the symbol for passion, which is at the heart of every Tibetan, while gold, represents their religion, strength, and mysteriousness. Red with gold also matches well to convey the sense of peace and harmony in Tibet. Notice that Lam neglects time element and plays with multiple perspectives. This marks his feeling in Tibet: “I forgot know who I am, where I come from, when to leave, where I am going…I knew nothing except a feeling of peace. In Tibet, you will forget everything, including your name and identity, because you don’t need them to appreciate the beauty right in front of you.” The multiple perspectives and negation of time indication tells us Lam’s exclamation on nature.
About choice of material, gouache works very well in this collection. While gauche can provide a striking difference between colors, and can be applied layer upon layer with a certain level of opaqueness (a stronger expressiveness than watercolor), Lam’s impression of a “shinning” and mysterious Tibet is vividly described.

Lam has exhibited in more than 10 solo shows in Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, and Singapore. He has also been included in more than 100 exhibitions held in HK and overseas. His work is in the collection of the Research Institute of Chinese Painting, China Museum of Art, Guangzhou Museum of Art, Shenzhen Museum of Art, HK Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum and private Collectors. Lam is currently the President of the Hong Kong International Art Association.

Contemporary Chinese Artists Exhibition, Shanghai Financial Centre

Tian Xing in Tibet Painting Exhibition at State-Of-The-Arts Gallery in Jun 2004

The Lotus of my heart painting exhibition in City Hall Exhibition Center Oct 2004 and State-Of-The-Arts Gallery in Mar 2005

Tian Xing in New Territories Painting Exhibition in State-Of-The-Arts Gallery in Jan 2006

林天行在西藏的旅程後, 改變了他對世界和自然的看法, 而這些改變都反映在他的西藏水墨畫上. 他在一九九九年之前的作品大膽, 深刻且色彩豐富. “那時的我年輕, 自信, 驕傲, 充滿活力. 但隨著經驗的累積, 我慢慢體會到恬靜世界之美, 眼光也從此改變.” 的確, 林天行近期的作品在激情中顯出一份簡單和安靜. 他以樹膠水彩和高超的技巧在畫布上表達了他對西藏的熱愛.

紅, 金兩色為這個系列的主題. 林天行認為紅色代表了西藏人的熱情, 而金色則象徵著西藏的宗教, 活力和神秘感. 兩種顏色搭配起來也給人一種平靜和諧的感覺.

林氏採用多重透視法來淡化畫中時間的觀念. 在西藏, 時間和自我並不存在, “因為你根本不需要它們來欣賞這個地方.” “你可以把一切忘卻.”– 這就是林天行對西藏的感覺- 自然為上.

以樹膠水彩作畫能突顯色彩之間的對比. 而這種顏料的特色令它比普通水彩更能表達出層次間的衝突, 好不優美.