Painting his love in the marine landscapes, Christian Pendelio tells the tales of love and seas with his brushes and fancies. Pendelio is most famous for turning his canvas into a magical world of fairy tale. The self-taught French artist started his artistic career in comic strip and watercolor. His passion for life and his faith in love give his work a whimsical touch. The dreamy paintings present not only a playful tone but also the stories and romance of his own. Landscape is more than just a depiction of a scenery but the imagery deduced from fantasy and voyages, as well as the projection of the feeling deep down, whereas a voyage is often a process of discovery and evocation of emotions and wishes , long-forgotten or buried deep in heart. Pendelio portrays a fairyland with a thread of witty allegories: A sailor comes back to the harbour of love along the mermaid-shaped coast; A fisherman using moonlight and stars as bait allegorizes the artist who strives to catch people’s eye with his peculiar ideas; Girls, in the form of nomadic flowers, pay homage to femininity and fertility;. Flowers remind us the fleetness of life; In spite of being an island surrounded by the sea, man can still reach out for his beloved with their arms as a bridge…The characters in the paintings are in fact our counterpart, who are both in search of love and hope. The bright hue hints at the delight of spring and rejuvenation, while the poetic aura visualizes the goodness in life. The anthropomorphic and sometime suggestive elements give the paintings an intriguing aftertaste. Who knows if men and sentiments are really changing the landscapes?