French artist Christian Pendelio paints the scenery into an imagery of love and voyage spiced with witty allegories. The dreamy fairyland and stylized characters intrigue viewers to waves of thoughts. Voyage is a solitary course of discovery while love the destination of every man. The pastel palette adds a fancy touch to the landscape, with a salty taste and loving theme. Whimsical and playful, Christian’s paintings give a sense of humor and an intriguing after-taste. 法國藝術家Christian Pendelio筆下的海洋是愛情和旅程的背景,畫布上的風光是充滿雋永寓意的夢幻奇境。夢幻景色和風格化的人物充滿玩味,引人深思。旅途是孤獨的發現過程,愛則是每個人的歸宿。粉淡的色彩讓愛的風景更添旖旎,幽默的題材令畫作餘韻無窮。