The coming exhibition, titled ‘Through the Art Museum’, will feature paintings from Lourenco’s whole new series, completely different from his previous subjects of bar scenes and Mediterranean landscape. Our gallery will showcase his new work that revolves around the story of touring the museum, engaging beholders in a journey from the outside of the museum, through the corridors, and into some of the most famous paintings in art history. 是次作品主題圍繞藝術博物館之行,令觀眾不自覺間融入這其中,仿如置身於世界各著名博物館,漫步於館內長廊,再走近各歷史名畫當中。 Didier Lourenco喜歡勾畫繁忙都市人美麗卻孤寂的心靈,細膩的描繪令人產生共鳴。他於這新一系列展品中,不單仔細地從一個参觀者的角度描繪於藝術館從外走到內面參觀遊覽的景況,更在其中融合了他對一些舉世聞名的經典名作的個人詮釋,為我們熟識傳統殿堂級的名畫重新注入新意義,凸顯他的創意和風趣幽默。