Gallery by the Harbour and State-of-the-Arts Gallery are proud to present “Photography by a Paintbrush” at Gallery by the Harbour, a world-class group exhibition that connects 7 hyperrealist artists from 4 countries and celebrates the development and growing importance of contemporary hyperrealism in the world of art. The exhibition will show a fine collection of paintings by McAlpine Miller (Scotland), Glennray Tutor and Thomas Stiltz (U.S.A.), Rafael De la Rica, Miguel Cardona and Marti Bofarull (Spain), and Jacques Bodin (France), demonstrating how photorealism has evolved and offered the world a new perspective to look at realism.


Hyperrealism is an art movement that began in the early 2000s, and has gained massive popularity recently with its strong emphasis on technique and visual communication. Far from being merely an imitation of photography, hyperrealist work strives to unveil something that is beneath the realistic image, be it social, cultural or political implication. Thanks to the development of digital technology, artists are now able to transcend the limitations of the lens and human eyes to produce works of extreme precision, an image that is even more ‘real’ than what we see. This is a false reality created by artists who make meticulous changes to a painting’s depth of field, colour and composition in order to emphasize a socially conscious message.

Hyperrealism is a kind of performance art that astonishes the beholder and invites them to engage into deeper levels of discourse. These paintings lead us to re-think and re-evaluate the values in our life and look at our world from a whole new perspective.


「海港城 美術館」與 State-of-the Arts Gallery 畫廊帶來世界級超寫實主義畫家聯展《畫筆下的照片》,展出七位來自四個國家的知名畫家︰McAlpine Miller(蘇格蘭)、Glennray TutorThomas Stiltz(美國)、Miguel CardonaMarti Bofarull Rafael De la Rica(西班牙)及Jacques Bodin(法國)的畫作系列,為超寫實藝術重新定義,反映時代演變與藝術發展不可分割的關係。