Heidi Hahn (Germany)
Heidi Hahn’s works thus become dense living surfaces. They are honest in their substance. Their creation is a tender and accordingly long process. It is the consequence of a long struggle and questioning. A complex and ever more complex act of painting, the “chasing for light”, whose complexity and lavishness is increasingly concealed, solely recognizable in the result, in a degree of abstraction, whose spherical planes are woven into each other and yet stand alone, depending on the viewer and sight to a new individual creation respectively, becoming a composition of light and feeling.

This is also aptly reflected in the titles, which are not setting limits, but on the contrary engage the viewer: to subjective perceptions, feelings which develop when engaging within the spectrum of the paintings.

A beginning, which differs from the artists of the 80ies or 90ies, which finds it origins far back in the era of romanticism, later continued in the impressionism: A painting of colours and lights as a mirror of emotion, as an individual “light- and colour-therapy”, the permission of emotion into art and the recovery of romanticism.

Heidi Hahn was born in Nürtingen. She started out her studies with dramatics and completed it in art and German language and literature studies. In the course of her professional activities she created again and again new events and cultural happenings that endured for a long time. Either as a broadcast editor, creative director, or as a cultural attaché and press officer, interspersed by periods as a freelance artist and journalist.

Since 2002 Heidi Hahn devotes herself increasingly to major arts projects immediate to nature and bucolic art projects and installations. Among other things belong the “muros vivendos”, her already second bucolic art project in Portugal and further projects are planned. Heidi Hahn lives and works in Aalen in the south of Germany.