Gleb Goloubetski (Russia)
Gleb Goloubetski, was born in the city of Omsk in the territory of Siberia in Russia. He is thirty four years old, he comes from family of artists; his father was an artist and his grandfather was an architect.

Gleb began painting at an early age, his father gave him his first lessons. Gleb attended the Art academy of Saint (Petersburg in St. Petersburg Russia). He did post graduate work with the famous Russian painter Valeriy Kulikov in his "Masters Class." Gleb became a professional artist at the age of fifteen when he sold his first painting at the Central Gallery in Saint-Petersburg(Russia). He was give his first Museum Show when he was sixteen.

In 1998 during the worst years of the Russian economic depression Gleb moved to Prague where he quickly established himself as an artist, soon after he began exhibiting throughout Europe. Gleb’s inspiration comes primarily from the aged architecture and geography of Europe; he has a special association with the United Kingdom, the Mediterranean and more recently with the Far East. He travels extensively looking for images to paint. When he finds a view that inspires him, Gleb will sit and absorb it for some time, paying particular attention to how the natural light conditions of the day influence his perspective and moreover his emotional response.
Returning to his studio in either St Petersburg or Prague, Gleb will sit and consider his reference material. Reminding himself of scale, he then begins to paint. It is Gleb’s emotional response to the subject that he conveys to canvas, in oil, with his palette knif. Recently Gleb Began exhibiting In the United States.

Gleb loves to travel, and roams Europe in search of inspiration, He loves Venice and typically starts his travels there.

Gleb Golousbeski (1975-), 生於俄羅斯歐姆斯克, 父親是藝術家, 母親是建築師.
受到藝術世家背景的影響, Gleb 從小便愛上繪畫, 以藝術描述心情感受及所見所聞.

Gleb 在六歲時上了由父親指導的第一課藝術課後, 便入讀Art Academy of Saint, 為俄羅斯著名畫家Valeriy Kulikov 的學生. Gleb 在+五歲在Central Gallery, Saint Petersburg (Russia) 賣出第一件作品, 成為職業畫家, +六歲時舉行第一次畫展.

1998年, 俄羅斯受經濟衰退影響, Gleb 移居布拉格. 及後不停遊歷於富異國情調的國家, 包括希臘, 意大利, 埃及, 泰國, 馬爾代夫, 及巴西等. Gleb受到新環境, 新經歷的沖擊, 不斷轉化原有的思維, 描繪出主觀情感下的景物變化. 不久即在歐洲開辨個人展.

Gleb的靈感主要來自歐洲的古建築及地理特徵, 又特别受到英國、地中海及中東國家的人情所感動, 一直透過親身遊歷豐富他的藝術題材. 一旦他發現到感性的景物, 他便會坐下來, 靜觀景物在大自然内日光下的構圖及顏色的改變, 再加上當下個人的感受, 把情緒表現在畫布上 -是一種美的感動和情感的紀錄.

Gleb近期亦開始於美國辨畫展 -展示出以情悟景之油畫藝術.
Gleb喜萝旅遊, 尤其愛漫遊歐洲, 更愛威尼欺之美.