Noemi Martin (Spain)
Noemí Martín was born in Barcelona in 1975. She manifested a great love for painting since early childhood and at the age of 16 she entered the Massana School in Barcelona, to study painting. After graduation, she moved with her companion into a rural house at a small town in the midst of nature, where she established her first workshop. That was the place from where she drew inspiration and started researching with different techniques and themes, modeling her own style with patience and determination. Noemí Martín participated in painting contests and was awarded several prizes. In 1998, she made her first collective exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, etc. Three years later, she started her first individual exhibitions. In 1999 she combined her professional career with the teaching of drawing and painting in her workshop. Noemí Martín’s work offers us an intimate painting, pervaded with silence, maybe with a certain nostalgia touch, the most important trait being the atmosphere, the ability to convey quietness and serenity, sometimes with a gentle lyrical accent.