Ann Yen
About The Artist

Ann Yen is a very well established and talented artist. Her art education started in Shanghai, where she graduated from the Shanghai Drama Academy and worked as a stage and film actress. She then went to New York in 1981 to study filmmaking at New York University and later worked as a producer for National Geographic Television and the Discovery Channel. But painting has always been Ms. Yen's passion. During her years in New York, she studied at the renowned Art Students' League. Ms.Yen's experiences as a performer and filmmaker enrich her art work with a unique view on life. She has exhibited in New York, Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Her paintings are in private art collections around the world and she has donated much of her income from sales of her art work to charities. She is the honorary President of the Shanghai American Women’s Club.

About the Paintings

The Door
80 x 110 cm
Gouache on paper

The Door series is the unique expression of the artist’s cultural background. Although a Shanghai native, Ann Yen has lived in many other parts of China, including Beijing, Nanjing and Chengdu. Through these paintings of doors, Ms. Yen evokes a sense of nostalgia for the fading past, as represented by the symbolism of doors in Chinese culture. The execution of the work is bold and modern. The paintings are filled with energy like outstanding calligraphy, yet they burst with vivid color that recalls a western influence. These paintings take the viewer beyond the visual image. One can’t help but wonder: what is on the other side of the door?