Lorena Rodriguez (Mexico)
Lorena Rodriguez

Lorena was born in Monterrey Nuevo Leon México on September 14th 1972.

Self taugh, she was in contact from childhood with painting in the studio of her mother, the teacher and painter Elsa Ayala.

Lorena studied marketing at the ITESM where she had her first solo exhibition in the Institutions’ Library in 1992, after which she decided to follow her true vocation: painting.
After several years of experimentation, during which she participated in different collective and solo exhibitions in Mexico, as well as in Texas, she was selected for the “Primera Muestra Nacional de Arte” which took place in the Pinacoteca de Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon Mexico in 2000, later, she was accepted in a Gallery in SOHO, New York where she exhibited in September 2002 and was chosen to form part of the show “Masters of the imagination: Latin American Fine Art Exhibition” in march 2003.

In September 2003 the artist was selected to participate in the “Art-e-mail” exhibition in the Feria de Arte Contemporáneo in Marbella at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos in Marbella, Spain.

In October 2003 she was chosen from more than 700 artist from over 85 countries to be part of the Imagining ourselves project of the International museum of Women in San Francisco, California which consist of publishing a book in 2006 to be promoted worldwide in which will be included the work of women in ages between 25 to 35 from all over the world in different artistic areas. Additionally this publication will be backed up by a virtual exhibition on the Museums Web Page. Later she became member of the Museum’s International Committee.

In November 2003 Rodriguez had a solo exhibition at “El corredor del arte” in Televisa, Monterrey, Mexico and in January 2004 another one in the Gallery Per.For.Art Espai in Barcelona, Spain. In May 2004, the artist participated in an exhibition at La Llorona Gallery in Chicago Illinois, USA.

She exhibited in September 2004 at the Hong Kong Central Library where she was invited to participate by the Mexican Consulate as part of Mexican September as well as at the WTC and at the State-Of-The-Arts Gallery in Hong Kong. In October 2004 she exhibited at the Taipa-Houses Museum of Macau. She exhibited again at the State-Of-The-Arts Gallery gallery in March 2005 during the show “Art-Walk festival”.

In May 2005 she exhibited at the ANIDE in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.

“The Origins of the Magical City” was exhibited in August at Lee Gardens and in September at the State-Of-The-Arts Gallery both in Hong Kong.

Winner of the first Muestra de “Arte Sierra Madre” (from 488 works that suscribed) exhibited at the Centro Cultural Plaza Fatima in Monterrey, Mexico in October and at the Centre Culturel du Mexique in Paris, France in January 2006.

She participated in the exhibition “Miniaturas” with the Gallery Arte+Plus in Monterrey N. L. Mexico in December 2005, and in the collective “Art-walk” at the Gallery AL in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico where she will have a SOLO exhibition in 2006.

She was selected to be part of the exhibition “Nuevos Valores” held by the Arte, A. C. University in January 2006 in Monterrey where the new art-promises are presented every year.

The gallery Zagra from Miami, invited her to participate in the Artexpo New York in March 2006, in New York, USA.

She will participate with Batik group in the Frankfurt art-fair in 2006.

Also in 2006 she will exhibit at the Galerie Gora, in Montreal, Canada, and for the second time in the gallery Per.For.Art.Espai in Barcelona, Spain as well as at the Centro de las Artes in the Parque Fundidora in Monterrey. She will participate in a Collective Exhibition at the Mexican Embassy in Thailand in December 2006.

露雲娜.洛維歌絲Lorena Rodriguez用尖銳寫實的筆觸,試圖描繪出新一代的墨西哥女性在背負着墨西哥傳奇和傳統的同時,內心的掙扎和如何融入現代化的世界、面對生死等心情的起伏。她擅於創造新鮮奇異的圖象和主題,以極似真的筆觸,造出科幻和超現實的感覺,令看眾產生幻想,思索箇中奧秘。「Metamorphosis」絕對震撼人心,沒有一個觀眾可以在看過一眼後挪開視線,沒有一個觀眾可以對著這攝人的影象而不屏息靜氣。畫家用了不尋常的高視點角度,加上真實的筆法和人物動作,令畫面充滿爆炸力和動感,女人的尖叫彷如直貫觀眾耳膜,令觀眾亦經歷著同樣的驚嚇和心理鬥爭。