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Urban Soul by Erin de Burca, 22 September - 5 November 2011
Urban Soul
Contemporary Painting Exhibition by Erin de Burca (Ireland)

Exhibition Duration: 22nd September – 6th November, 2011
Venue: State-of-the-Arts Gallery – G/F, 36 Pottinger St, Central, Hong Kong
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Mon to Sat, Sun/PH by appointment.

State-of-the-Arts Gallery presents our autumn exhibition ‘Urban Soul’ by Ireland artist Erin de Burca. This series of aintings portrays the soul of city life, inviting the viewers from Hong Kong to reflect on their desire and life as an urban citizen. The exhibition runs from 22nd September to 6th November, 2011, showing these paintings of realistic cityscape.

Erin de Burca’s cityscape paintings are said to be melancholic in style, using subdued palette to convey the complexities and dilemmas of urban life. Her paintings feature magnificent urban architecture as the main subject, reminding us of the heights to which humankind can rise yet still feeling inconsequential and inadequate. The buildings’ permanent existence and our ephemeral transience become the inevitable duality in urban life, it also becomes the source of question and confusion to urban people.

Born in Dublin in 1982, Erin has spent her time travelling in various countries before settling in Calpe, Spain. Her hometown Dublin and her childhood memories there has been her source of inspirations. It is actually after visiting other countries and experiencing different cultures that she has become more aware of the permanence of her Irish identity and how her perception is colored by Irish culture. These can be seen from the way she uses colors and her unpeopled paintings..

Urban souls are complex beings. We have to live in a world filled with promises and compromises, deal with the loneliness of the individual among throngs of people, and find the end that bridges these dualities. Erin, in her paintings, paints the longing for and possibility of a better life and happiness of all the urban souls.

Note: High resolution photos will be provided upon request
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愛爾蘭藝術家Erin de Burca當代油畫展

地址:香港中環砵典乍街 (又名石板街) 36號地下。
開放時間: 星期一至星期六 上午11時至下午7時,星期日及公眾假期:請先預約

State-of-the-Arts畫廊將舉辦愛爾蘭畫家Erin de Burca的個人展覽,名為《城•隅》。這系列作品描繪了都市生活的點滴,讓身處香港這城市的觀賞者對自己的生活和展望作反思。展期為2011年9月22日至11月6日,展出多幅寫實派城市風光的作品。

Erin de Burca巧妙地運用淡弱的色彩創作,反映了城市生活的矛盾和複雜。在她沉實的作品中可見到富麗堂皇的建築物,提醒著人們不論科技讓我們建設多少摩天大樓,人們仍然渺小。建築物將永恆站在原地,而人的生命卻短暫,這正是城市生活的其中一種矛盾,也是城市人腦海裡揮之不去的問題。

Erin 1982年生於都柏林,她曾於多個國家生活,現居於西班牙Calpe。她的創作靈感來自家鄉都柏林。Erin經過多年遊走於不同國家文化,讓她更深刻地明白到自身的愛爾蘭情結,以及愛爾蘭文化如何影響她看世界的觀點。這些元素皆反映在她作品的沉實用色和欠缺人物的畫作中。

城市充滿複雜矛盾。人們面對著夢想與現實,在人群中感受著孤獨,努力在不同矛盾中找尋平衡點。畫家Erin於她的作品中抒發了她 - 作為城市人 - 對未來,夢想和生活的追求和無限可能性。


Ms. Elizabeth Lau / (+852) 2526-1132 / 6178-6683