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Living for the Moment by McAlpine Miller, 24 November - 30 December, 2012
Living for the Moment
Contemporary Painting Exhibition by McAlpine Miller (Scotland)

Exhibition Duration: 24th November – 31st December, 2011
Venue: State-of-the-Arts Gallery – G/F, 36 Pottinger St, Central, Hong Kong
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Mon to Sat, Sun/PH by appointment.

Coming this November, State-of-the-Arts Gallery is proud to present an exciting new exhibition by renowned artist McAlpine Miller. The exhibition, ‘Living for the Moment’ portrays McAlpine Miller’s thoughts on our disposable society, suggesting and questioning the importance of celebrated objects such as Fame, Celebrity, Money and Greed. This exhibition will run from the 24th November to 31st December, 2011.

Using subtle tones of paint McAlpine Miller creates the illusion of transparencies within his works. A reality that is so far-fetched that it becomes a busy blur of objects which portray the idea of an energy-laden consumer society. Contrasting themes of cartoons/superheroes, and stylish European models help to illustrate the unrealistic idealism that these celebrated objects present; objects that we all desire, whereas the reality is as impossible as the existence of the Disney characters and Superheroes. These comic references do not only convey such, but the imagery also portrays the unimportance of the celebrated objects. How the subject matter overlaps and fades into each other not only shows forgotten memories and aspirations but also illustrates a feeling of a shallow existence.

After graduating with a BA (Hons) in Painting and Drawing at Glasgow School of Art, McAlpine Miller has shown his work throughout the United Kingdom, America, Italy and France. In 1996, he was shortlisted for the Provost Award at Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museums. His work can be found in collections throughout the world and his popularity in the art scene has been growing even since.

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蘇格蘭藝術家 McAlpine Miller 當代油畫展




地址:香港中環砵典乍街 (又名石板街) 36號地下。


開放時間: 星期一至星期六 上午11時至下午7時,星期日及公眾假期:請先預約


踏入11月冬季,State-of-the-Arts畫廊將展出蘇格蘭著名藝術家McAlpine Miller的全新系列油畫。透過這系列新作《此時此刻McAlpine Miller表達了他對現今即棄物質社會的不認同,探究人們歇力追尋的名望,成名,金錢和貪婪的扭曲價值觀。展期為201111241231


McAlpine Miller運用柔和的顏色在畫中製造出畫像透視重疊的幻像。他所表現的「現實」遙遠且虛無,實際上只是一堆濛糊的身外物,象徵了消費主意的無謂。為進一步表達人們追逐這些不實際的理想主意,畫家在作品中以卡通和歐美名模作反襯對比。我們渴望的,正是在現實生活中有如迪士尼卡通和超人般不存在的東西,毫不重要。畫面中重疊的影像反映出被遺忘的回憶,理想和膚淺的人性。


McAlpine Miller畢業於格拉斯哥藝術學院 (Glasgow School of Art) 繪畫課程,之後於英國,美國,意大利和法國展出過其作品。1996年,他更入圍了Kelvingrove畫廊及藝術館的Provost大獎。他的作品於世界各地被不同收藏家珍藏,在藝術界確立了崇高地位。





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