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Photography by a Paintbrush by 6 Hyperrealists, 21 May - 10 June 2012
Photography by a Paintbrush
Groundbreaking Exhibition Bringing Together the World’s Master Hyperrealist Artists
Exhibition Duration: 21 May – 10 June, 2012
Venue: State-of-the-Arts Gallery, G/F, 36 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong
Time: 11:00am – 7:00pm (Mon – Sat), Sun/Public Holiday by appointment

‘Hyperrealist paintings – the simulation of something which never really existed’ – Jean Baudrillard
State-of-the-Arts Gallery is proud to present ‘Photography by a Paintbrush’, a world-class group exhibition that connects 6 hyperrealist artists from various countries and celebrates the development and growing importance of contemporary hyperrealism in the art world. The exhibition will show a fine collection of paintings by Jacques Bodin, Emil Herker, Elena Molinari, Yoon-byung Rock, Thomas Stiltz and Motonori Uwasu, demonstrating how photorealism (began in late 1960s) has evolved and offered the world a new perspective to look at realism. The exhibition will run from 21 May to 10 June, 2012.

Hyperrealism is an art movement that began in the early 2000s, and has gained massive popularity recently with its strong emphasis on technique and visual communication, especially in the Asian market. Far from being merely an imitation of photography, hyperrealist work strives to unveil something that is beneath the realistic image, be it social, cultural or political implication. Thanks to the development of digital technology, artists are now able to transcend the limitations of the lens and human eyes to produce works of extreme precision, an image that is even more ‘real’ than what we see. This is a false reality created by artists who make meticulous changes to a painting’s depth of field, colour and composition in order to emphasize a socially conscious message about contemporary trends, culture, politics, business and society. Hyperrealism is a kind of performance art that astonishes the beholder and invites them to engage into deeper levels of discourse. These paintings lead us to re-think and re-evaluate the values in our life and look at our world from a whole new perspective.

All of the participating artists incorporate their own interpretation of hyperrealism and create their own version of reality on canvas. Jacques Bodin captures the beauty of human hair as a window to the interiority of human. Emil Herker and Elena Molinari, through their portrayal of consumer products and glasses, criticize consumerism and our throw-away society. Yoon-byung Rock demonstrates his technique through his precise depiction of apples, while Thomas Stiltz focuses on fine wine collections. Motonori Uwasu replaces the original color composition with monotone in his realistic work.

Opening Reception will be held on (Monday) 21 May, 2012. Participating artists will attend the event.

日期:2012 年5 月21 日至6 月10 日
地址:香港中環砵典乍街 (又名石板街) 36 號地下。
開放時間: 星期一至星期六 上午11 時至下午7 時,星期日及公眾假期:請先預約

尚•布希亞:「超寫實主義繪畫只是一些根本從沒存在過的事物之偽裝。」當代超寫實主義發展迅速,於藝術界佔著日益重要的地位。State-of-the-Arts 畫廊非常高興為你帶來世界超寫實主義聯展《畫筆下的照片》,屆時將展出敝畫廊珍藏的六位來自不同國家的知名畫家:Jacques Bodin,Emil Herker,Elena Molinari,Byung-rock Yoon,Thomas Stiltz 和 Motonori Uwasu 的畫作系列,藉以展示照相寫實主義(自六十年代後期開始盛行)的演變過程,同時為寫實藝術重新定義,反映時代與藝術互相影響的密切關係。展期為2012 年5 月21 日至6 月10 日。


是次展出的畫家都揉合了各自對超寫實主義的理解,在畫布上創作出其對現實獨特的看法和意見。Jacques Bodin 捕捉頭髮的美態,以展露人類的內心世界;Emil Herker 和 Elena Molinari 透過對商品及玻璃的繪畫來表達對消費主義和即棄文化的不滿;Byung-rock Yoon 的高超技巧在他對蘋果的細緻描繪中可見一斑;Thomas Stiltz 以其對美酒的顏色的描畫聞名;而Motonori Uwasu 則以單色調代替事物原來的色彩構圖,創作出另類的超寫實作品。
開幕酒會將於2012 年5月21 日(星期一)舉行。屆時參展畫家均會出席。