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Stillness by 5 Italian Contemporary Hyperrealists, 25 June - 31 July 2012
Contemporary Italian Group Exhibition in association with De Dominicis Agency
Exhibition Duration: 25th June – 31st July, 2012
Venue: State-of-the-Arts Gallery, G/F, 36 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong
Time: 11:00am – 7:00pm (Mon – Sat), Sun/Public Holiday by appointment

State-of-the-Arts Gallery is brimming with Italian culture for an Italian group exhibition ‘Stillness’, featuring 5 renowned artists with one style in common: Realism. The techniques and composition of still life definitely ponders the imperishable influence of Italian Art on this generation and those to come. Collaborating with De Dominicis Agency and under ‘Quality & Lifestyle Festival’ of the Italian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong with pleasure, the exhibition will run from 25 June – 31 July, 2012.

Still life is the depiction of mostly inanimate subject matter which might be either natural or manmade. Originated from Ancient Greek/Roman Arts in the Middle Ages, still life paintings is distinctive in the sense that more leeway is allowed in the composition and arrangement of elements than paintings of other types. In times of bombardment with images from print and multimedia and the general fast culture, to slow down and focus on a image, be it the shininess of fruits or the vein of a wooden cigarette case, is almost against our conditioning. State-of-the-Arts Gallery envisions the significance of Realism in this day and age for the pure appreciation of life itself. Accordingly, some finest pieces of still life painters who contemplate each object and profoundly search for its visual dynamic between art and life are cordially selected. The overtones embedded and modern metaphysical art alluded demonstrate a contemporary re-interpretation of Roman traditional still life.

Artists in this exhibition continue the artistic ferment and revolution of the 20th century, with a tinge of Italian fineness and splendor. Enrico Gaurino depicts daily subject matter with very specific consideration of light and shadow and encompasses elements of Pop art. Marika Fasoli emphasizes the explosion of colour, originality of compositions and strong contrasts. These contribute to the gesture of the paintings, no matter how simple the subject matter might be. Marco Picci adopts watercolour because of its transparency and naturalness, at the same time putting meticulous effort on details and contrasts. On the other hand, Constanzza Papasogli paints in harmony. Often in a dim context, the dehumanized elements are full of an inexplicable but irresistible emotion. Similarly, the dark and empty background of Maurizio Meldolesi’s work mirrors the undisturbed intrinsic essence of the subject without time frame or locational boundary.
The Opening Reception will be held on 29June 2012 at State-of-the-Arts Gallery. An art talk about Italian Art will be given.

Note: High resolution photos will be provided upon request
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意大利當代油畫聯展 (De dominicis朁意大利商會「盡享優質生活品味」活動)

地址:香港中環砵典乍街 (又名石板街) 36號地下。
開放時間: 星期一至星期六 上午11時至下午7時,星期日及公眾假期:請先預約

State-of-the-Arts 畫廊今年夏天將帶大家品味意大利文化。是次名為《靜默》的意大利聯展帶來五位知名現實主義畫家,其靜物繪畫的純熟技巧及精心佈局正正反映意大利藝術代代相傳的深遠影響,證明經得起時間考驗的才是真正偉大的藝術。是次展覽與De Dominicis 和意大利商會「盡享優質生活品味」活動攜手合作,展期為2012 年6月25日至7月31日。

靜物寫生以自然或人造靜物為題材,源於中世紀的古希臘和羅馬人,特點在於對構圖及佈局的限制較少,自由度較高。身處速食文化當道的世代,生活充斥各式各樣來自不同媒體的資訊、圖樣,放慢腳步專注於單一項事物似乎是天方夜譚。家中一盤水果的光澤,手中一個木製煙盒的紋理,我們都有意無意地忽略、錯過、遺忘。State-of-the-Arts 畫廊深信生命在於感受生活,而不是僅僅活著,而重振現實主義便是重要一環。本畫廊嚴選一些靜物畫家最上乘的作品,他們思忖每一件物品的本質,著重藝術與生活之間的視覺交流。當中包含的言外之音和形而上藝術顯示著他們對其意大利傳統靜物繪畫的富有當代特色的重新演繹。

是次參展的畫家承傳了二十世紀的藝術進程及革命,同時帶有意大利精緻華麗的氣息。Enrico Gaurino以極仔細的光暗配合描繪日用品,其運用的顏色和選材都令人聯想到普普藝術。Marika Fasoli強調顏色的動感、構圖的新穎及對比的強弱,都是賦予藝術作品力量的重要元素。Marco Picci 主張使用自然透亮的水彩,因著水彩無法修改的特性,他對細節及對比作出最嚴謹的處理。另一方面,Constanzza Papasogli 以和諧為創作主調,她筆下的事物都被置於黑暗中,似是無情,卻又暗暗透出一絲抽象而又令人久久不能已的情感。同樣地Maurizio Meldolesi 的作品背靠黑暗,突出去掉時間和空間限制後事物的真正本質。

開幕酒會將於2012 年6月29 日(星期五)舉行。屆時De Dominicis 將作以意大利藝術為題的藝術講座。

Ms. Elizabeth Lau / (+852) 2526-1132 / 6178-6683 /email: /website: