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From a Female Eye by Malena Mazza, 11 - 24 June 2012

From a Female Eye

Debut Exhibition of international fashion photographer Malena Mazza (Italy)

Exhibition Duration: 11th – 24th June, 2012

Venue: State-of-the-Arts Gallery, G/F, 36 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong

Time: 11:00am – 7:00pm (Mon – Sat), Sun/Public Holiday by appointment

Collaborating with the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Italian art agency L’arte Mostre, State-of-the-Arts Gallery is glad to hereby present to you the debut showcase of Italian fashion photographer Malena Mazza in Asia, ‘From a Female Eye‘. The exhibition makes a collection of some signature pieces of the world renowned photographer, featuring physical beauty of female body, gesture and its associated connotations. The exhibition will run from 11-24 June, 2012.

Malena Mazza’s photography is filmic and dynamic, often with distinctive notion embedded. Female, or more precisely, their bodily texture and gesture are the most common signifier in her work. The depiction is rich in layers and signification: female are empowered yet feminine, indifferent yet wild, lofty yet seductive. Sometimes they are seen with eyes downcast while revealing their partially naked bodies. Other times they dress up pretty with perfect make-up while giving unruly faces. The contradiction and conflict between avant-garde and traditional ideas of femininity make Mazza’s work especially appealing.


Colours contribute to a big part in enriching the texture of Mazza’s photo. She is skilled in using colour contrast to give the photos a striking resemblance to movie. The light shines on skin, the plate of spaghetti or the face captured through the possessor’s legs, protruding the focus and content of the photo. The playfulness and quirkiness give hints of fashion, together with her sophisticated deployment of perspective and spatial relations, demonstrate a perfect mix of fashion and art.


Malena Mazza was born in Bologna and later moved to Milan to study in the School of Cinema. She is the first female assistant director in Italy and specializes in producing music video and commercials for big names like Ferrari, Loewe, Nina Ricci, etc. She gains popularity as a fashion photographer in New YorkLondonParisMadrid and Milan for some most well-known fashion magazines, e.g. Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan France, Elle Russia & Poland, etc. She then extends her creativity further to the artistic side by holding individual and group exhibitions and participating in the Venice Biennale 1995.


The Opening Reception will be held on 15 June 2012 at State-of-the-Arts Gallery. The artist will be present. Please contact us for more information or interview arrangement with the artist.


Note: High resolution photos will be provided upon request

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 國際知名時裝攝影師Malena Mazza香港首次個人展覽



地址:香港中環砵典乍街 (又名石板街) 36號地下。


開放時間星期一至星期六 上午11時至下午7時,星期日及公眾假期:請先預約

State-of-the-Arts 畫廊將與香港意大利商會及意大利藝術代理 L’arte Mostre合作舉辦意大利時裝攝影師 Malena Mazza名為《她說的首次亞洲個人展覽。是次展覽將展出其一系列以女性身體和姿態之美及當中包含的深遠涵意為題材的代表作。展期為2012  11 日至24 

Malena Mazza的作品極富電影感和動感,而且往往隱藏著特別的見解。她經常把焦點放在女性,或更準確來說,她們的身體構造和姿態上,加上豐富的層次來表達某些象徵意義。在她的鏡頭下女性既強悍又具女性化一面;有時候顯得漠不關心,有時候卻熱情野性;時而高傲,時而暗暗散發著性感。她把傳統女性的含蓄溫婉和現代女性的前衛大膽之間的張力發揮得淋漓盡致:半裸的模特兒一臉傲冷漠的望向鏡頭盛裝上場的卻又粗獷地叼著香煙,明目張膽地展示任性,而這些對比和矛盾正正是其照片的魅力所在。

顏色令Malena Mazza 的作品質感豐厚,她擅於利用對比色令照片看來如電影中的一幕。燈光打在特定的目標,如一部分皮膚、一小碟意大利粉、躺臥的模特兒兩腿之間突出的臉孔,都清楚地標示照片的主題。照片充滿玩味,如時裝攝影一般靈活多變,加上獨特的角度和別出心裁的佈局,展示出藝術和時裝的完美融合。

Malena Mazza 生於意大利波隆那,其後遷往米蘭修讀電影。她是意大利首位女助導,專門製作音樂影片和廣告,曾跟無數的著名品牌合作,如Ferrari, Loewe, Nina Ricci 等。及後她替一些最具代表性的時裝雜誌如 Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan France, Elle Russia & Poland 等拍攝,在紐約、倫敦、巴黎、馬德里和米蘭都享負盛名。近年她更涉足藝術,舉行個展及聯展,也曾參與 Venice Biennale 1995


開幕儀式將於2012615(星期五)在State-of-the-Arts 畫廊舉行。屆時藝術家將會出席。如對藝術家有興趣或欲安排訪問事宜,請跟我們聯絡。





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