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Summer Stir by Gallery Artists Group, 1 - 18 August 2012
 Summer Stir

Group Exhibition of Contemporary Paintings of 10 Artists

Exhibition Duration: 1st – 18th August, 2012

Venue: State-of-the-Arts Gallery, G/F, 36 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong

Time: 11:00am – 7:00pm (Mon – Sat), Sun/Public Holiday by appointment

 Stir it up! To battle the intolerable summer heat that drives people away from the city to exotic summer resorts, State-of-the-Arts Gallery is delighted to present our refreshing summer group exhibition, featuring 10 of our gallery’s favorite artists from all over the world. Artists featured in this exhibition are Carmen Gloria Machuca, Christian Hofmann, Cristina Blanch, Erin de Burca, Frankie Cihi, Ghasan Saaid, Gina Intveen, Isabel Garfias, Paul Lemmon and Paulina Beyer. The exhibition will run from 1st to 18th August 2012.

It has come to the time when people are reluctant to even go outdoor, let alone walking in the heat to search for art treasure. So State-of-the-Arts Gallery would like to offer our friends an all-in-one art experience and a treasure hunt from our Gallery’s collection. The pieces selected for this ‘Summer Stir’ exhibition are bright in colors, light in content, cheerful in communication and reasonable in price. It would be a wonderful opportunity to freshen up your flat with some new and colorful art, as well as choosing presents to cheer your beloved friends and families up.

A diverse selection, the exhibition has Carmen Gloria Machuca, Frankie Cihi, Ghasan Saaid and Isabel Garfias offering their abstract paintings in orange and green. Machuca’s paintings with strong strokes and colors express her observation on the exterior space that we do not notice in daily life; Cihi’s paintings deliver her hope in uniting the world and promoting togetherness in the world to restore peace; Saaid’s work captures the daily moments of life and rewrites those life stories on a canvas; Garfias translates the spice and taste of Mexican food into colors and shapes.

For figurative art, we have Cristina Blanch and Erin de Burca who realistically convey the loneliness if city life, while Paulina Beyer paints her beloved hometown – Chile – with a hint of cubism. Christian Hofmann’s hyperrealist paintings create the illusion of a 3D canvas; Paul Lemmon from London vividly captures the liveliness and movement in British bars and the nostalgic images of antique cars. Last but not least, there’s Gina Intveen who skillfully portrays the dual characters of female – the feminine soft side, as well as the strength within them.

Note: High resolution photos will be provided upon request

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地址:香港中環砵典乍街 (又名石板街) 36號地下。


開放時間: 星期一至星期六 上午11時至下午7時,星期日及公眾假期:請先預約

炎炎夏日,正當大家也恨不得離開香港放假避暑, State-of-the-Arts畫廊將帶來清新明亮的《夏日聯展》,為大家消暑放鬆,趕退悶熱。參展藝術家包括Carmen Gloria MachucaChristian HofmannCristina BlanchErin de BurcaFrankie CihiGhasan SaaidGina IntveenIsabel GarfiasPaul LemmonPaulina Beyer。展期為20128118日。

烈日當空,相信大家一定不會想遊走中上環找尋喜愛的藝術品,因此State-of-the-Arts畫廊特意提供一個多元化展覽, 讓大家於畫廊一次過看到10位藝術家的作品,從中找到心頭好。為配合夏日主題,是次參展作品色彩明亮,而且主題輕鬆。這將是以新鮮藝術品重新佈置家居,或選擇禮物送給至親好友的機會。


除了抽象作品,具象畫作方面,Blanchde Burca以寫實客觀的手法描繪城市生活的孤獨,Beyer於作品中加入立體派元素,繪出家鄉智利的梯田風光。Hofmann的超寫實作品把平面的畫布變成為3D立體錯視。來自倫敦的Lemmon於作品中呈現出都市酒吧的浪漫氣氛和街頭的懷舊汽車。最後,來自智利的Intveen,她的作品中的女性形象剛柔並重,透過藝術,她鼓勵女性要自強,闖出屬於自己的天地。




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