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Joyous Lotus by LAM Tian Xing, 1 - 31 May 2012

The Joyous Lotus

Korea Debut Solo Exhibition of Chinese ink master LAM Tian Xing


Exhibition Duration: 1st – 31st May, 2012

Venue: The K Gallery – 192-6, Gauhoon-dong , Jongro-Ku, Seoul Korea

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Mon to Sat; 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sun


‘Lotus is the only word that I can find that may express life fully.’ – LAM Tian Xing

State-of-the-Arts Gallery, in partnership with The K Gallery from Seoul, Korea, is delighted to present the Korean debut solo exhibition of contemporary Chinese ink master LAM Tian Xing, titled ‘The Joyous Lotus’. This exhibition will run from 1 – 31 May, 2012, showcasing 20 pieces of LAM’s signature lotus paintings.


As one of the most renowned contemporary Chinese ink painter, LAM has been featured in a growing number of international exhibitions. Following his solo exhibition in Milan last October, State-of-the-Arts Gallery will bring the artist’s inspirational work to Seoul, Korea. While this is another step forward for LAM to show his idea and passion to a new audience, LAM never forgets his ‘root’ - what has shaped him and nurtured him as the artist he has become.


LAM has been enchanted by lotus since childhood while living near a mountain in Fuzhou known as the Lotus Peak. Over years, LAM has become familiar with the seasonal changes of this beautiful flower, admiring the vitality of nature that lotus symbolizes. Withstanding the wind and chill of winter, lotus survives through the harsh weather and wakes up in spring. And through observing the flower, LAM has come to realize the beauty of life, learning to be patient and persevering during hardships and living life to the fullest while opportunities arise.


LAM graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1990. LAM breaks the convention by combining Chinese and Western painting styles in his work. Using Chinese ink painting as the basic structure of his work, LAM boldly incorporates expressive brushstrokes and strong color to achieve a rich, thick and colorful composition. The artist depicts his favourite lotus in all imaginable forms, showing beholders his interpretation of this elegant flower and his modern interpretation of Chinese ink paintings.


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日期:2012 5 1 日至31

場地:K 畫廊

地址:The K Gallery – 192-6, Gauhoon-dong , Jongno-Ku, Seoul Korea

開放時間: 星期一至星期六 上午10 時至下午6 時,星期日:中午12 時至下午6














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