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Landscapes in which I Live by Kiku Poch, 18 October - 2 November 2012

“Landscapes in which I Live

Solo Exhibition of Kiku Poch on Landscapes of Spain


Exhibition Duration: 18 October – 2 November, 2012

Venue: Experimental Gallery, 3/F, Hong Kong Art Centre

Time: 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Mon to Sun


State-of-the-Arts Gallery and The Consulate-General of Spain in Hong Kong are delighted to present a series of landscape paintings by the Spanish artist - Kiku Poch. This debut solo exhibition - 'Landscapes in which I Live' will be shown in the Hong Kong Art Centre, displaying scenes of Spanish landscapes underneath the blazing blue sky. Using a wide range of colours and his own distinctive style in painting, Poch brings life to the usual stillness in landscape art, despite the economic despair that the country is facing at the moment.


In this series of landscape paintings, Poch depicts the serene and calm atmosphere of where he lives. Using an Impressionist-like style technique, the movement of water and the rough texture of surfaces bring a sense of liveliness to the still landscapes. Moreover, the strong shadowing of nature creates a great sense of perspective of light, allowing the viewer to imagine themselves in the painting. A wide palette of bright hues is used to depict the various corners of Spain, showing that even the most discreet places can be very beautiful. Poch skillfully captures the relaxing and peaceful landscapes, bringing technique, colour, perspective and nature in harmony


Kiku Poch is a self-taught artist whom under the influence of both artists parents (Poch Romeu - a landscape artist of international fame and still life artist Josefina Ripoll), developed his interest in fine art. His interest grew at a young age when he would draw with wax, crayons and colour pencils. With the guidance from his father, he was taught the many aspects in art such as drawing, perspective, colour, airbrush, watercolours etc. Having such abundance in artistic knowledge, Kiku Poch's works were soon highly recognized in the advertising and illustration sector. In addition to his later acquired technique in oil paints, he was scouted by J. Balari - an art dealer from Barcelona, who believed in his talent and greatly supported his career.

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地址: 香港藝術中心三樓實驗畫廊 

開放時間: 星期一至星期日 上午8時至下午11


State-of-the-Arts 畫廊將聯同西班牙在港總領事協辦,西班牙藝術家Kiku Poch香港藝術中心的首次個人畫展。展覽名為《藍天下的西班牙》,展期為20121018112。作品將展示畫家Kiku其心中的家鄉風貌-寧靜柔和的氣氛、慰籃天空下色彩明媚的景致。畫家巧妙地運用豐富的顏色和個人獨特的繪畫風格,讓觀眾從他眼中,細味西班牙在當下熱話的經濟困惑以外,依然靜待我們欣賞的悠然風光。




Kiku Poch是一位自學成才的藝術家。他的父母皆為藝術家(父親Poch Romeu -是國際享負盛名的風景藝術家和靜物寫生藝術家的母親Josefina Ripoll ,由於受到父母的薰陶,Kiku從少培養出對藝術的濃厚興趣。他在年輕時便開始接觸不同的繪畫材料,例如蠟彩,蠟筆,木顏色筆等來學賀繪畫的基本技巧。後來加上父親的指導,幫助他在藝術上多方面深造,如素描,透視,色彩,噴筆,水彩等豐富的藝術知識,Kiku很快便在插畫界內被推薦認可。後來他又學會了油畫的技術,獲得巴塞隆納的藝術品經理人 - J. Balari 的欣賞,使他在其職業生涯中得到極大的支持。




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