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The Michelangelo Effect by Didier Lourenco and Christian Pendelio
 State-of-the-Arts Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of the two skilful painters - Didier Lourenco and Christian Pendelio, from Spain and France respectively. “The ‘Michelangelo effect’ ” will display the works of these two artists, examining how delicate relationships between human beings trigger different kinds of emotions and how they can sculpt both partners in becoming our ideal self. The exhibition runs from 3 to 15 Sept, 2012.

Human relationships very much depend on the connection established between individuals. Late psychologist -Caryl Rusbult, explained how devoted relationships are capable to sculpt individuals into the people that they want to be, known as the ‘Michelangelo effect’. Relationships affect our emotions and they are directly affected by what we see with the mind. Human beings learn how to meet new friends and connect with different people every day. Through various interactions, they stimulate our senses and may stir up many emotions from within, and these emotions, hidden or not, can be seen from one’s eye if you look closely.

In this exhibition, using the similar ‘cat’ symbol, both artists portray human relationships in their own ways. Didier Lourenco focuses on the one-on-one relationship between man and woman, and with the inner-self. The figures, with sculpture-like faces and enlarged eyes, are set in a plain background, emphasizing the phenomenon in which how loving relationships can help build character and sculpt each other into the person they hope to be. The different emotions that individuals encounter from interacting with people are expressed by the colours of the objects and figures, and especially in the eye, creating a kind of subtle yet emotional canvas. Lourenco depicts the cat as a symbol of man with the cozy background set at home, the female protagonist communicates with the cat in a tranquil yet sentimental way, both searching for happiness within and exploring the possible outcome of the relationship. 

As for Christian Pendelio, the self-taught French Contemporary artist, he is fascinated by the interconnected relationships between families and couples. Playing with his childhood imagination, he creates a series of whimsical and dreamy paintings that are set outdoors. Placing the figures against nature creates the same atmospheric silence like Lourenco's paintings. Also, Pendelio's figures have the similar sculpture-like faces and heavily accentuated eyes, once again underscoring the Michelangelo phenomenon. With dramatic facial features and the almost monotone background, the paintings carry out their messages in a strong yet indistinct way. The figures are usually shown with closed eyes and a sweet smile, as if reminiscing or enjoying the fruits of contentment from a successful relationship. When the human beings are depicted with an animal, it can be understood that even in silence they can reach a consensus, thus celebrating the harmony between human and nature.


Emotions are greatly affected by the different people human beings interact with every day and it is very difficult to hide our emotions sometimes. But in every relationship, we learn a lesson that may unknowingly change our perspective in life, if it is a committed and affectionate relationship, it can even bring out the best of ourselves or sculpt us into the people we want to be.


Christian Pendelio (法國) Didier Lourenco (西班牙) 聯展



地址:香港中環砵典乍街 (又名石板街) 36號地下。

開放時間: 星期一至星期六 上午11時至下午7時,星期日及公眾假期:請先預約

State-of-the-Arts畫廊將為大家介紹兩位畫家 - 西班牙 Didier Lourenco法國 Christian Pendelio,並為他倆舉辦聯展《米開朗基羅效。這次展覽主題將探討人與人之間的微妙關係所引發的各種不同情緒,以及於相處過程中人們如何把自己塑造成為對方的理想伴侶。

 人與人之間的關係發展取決於個人的交際技巧和兩者的心靈交流。心理學家Caryl Rusbult認為坦誠的感情關係能夠改變人的個性,將其塑造成為自己心目中理想的人,此現象被稱為米開朗基羅效應。人際關係直接影響人的情緒,而情緒則被我們腦海中所見所想左右。每一天,人類學習結交新朋友和與別人溝通的過程都刺激著情感的誕生和變化。